Rspivot: A Shiny pivot table alternate to View()

I'm developing a Shiny gadget addin for RStudio to view large data frames as pivot tables rather than the flat format of View(). I'm hoping this provides an alternative to writing many summarize() statements to review results or worse, exporting to Excel to make pivot tables.

The table will summarize the data frame over 2 or 3 series. Data can be summarized using sum, mean, min/max, count, or any other common summarize functions. Table data can be viewed as shares, growth rates, or deltas.

Version 0.1.0 is on my GitHub now. Any feedback and testing will be greatly appreciated.

Introductory text can be found here.


Nice, I'm gonna test it! :+1:

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@timpe this sounds very similar to Tad. Have you looked into that at all?