RShiny UI swaying/shaking/jumping up and down on it's own

Advanced apologies for the vague header.

This is what the problem is:

As you can see the page is swaying up and down on it's without any intervention from me. This is very annoying for my app users. I wanted to know if someone has faced something similar at their end.

Thanks, Shivam


So, I was able to solve the problem myself. Actually I was using 'shinycssloaders' library to bring in a busy/loading sign in rshiny.

It was attached to datatable, and the animation I had chosen was a bouncing one. The way the library works is that the animation is always running and when the table is ready, it just outputs on top of the animation.

Since the animation was a bouncing one and it was always running in the background, it was actually making the table and the whole UI to bounce as well, even when it was superimposed by a table. Definitely not desirable behaviour.

I tweaked it by choosing some other loading sign that does not bounce, and this solved my problem.

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Like @shivam said, this was caused by an issue in {shinycssloaders}. You can see the issue reported here: Page movement when spinner is hidden · Issue #54 · daattali/shinycssloaders · GitHub

A fix for this was implemented, so if you install the latest version of the package from GitHub (remotes::install_github("daattali/shinycssloaders")) you should see the issue go away. If the issue persists, please comment in the github issue.

You could also use @shivam 's solution of using a different loader.