RShiny sessions on webpage conflict

Hi All,
I am new to R and RShiny.
I deployed a basic app, which takes input from user about a table name in hive, and gives first 1000 records for today using a data table.
I have a problem with the session, when more than one user is using the shiny web app, then both users sessions conflict and one of the user have to wait untill other users request is completed.

any suggestions are appreciated.

I have identified that RShiny opensource do not support multiple R instances for multiple users, R Pro does that

Just to let you know, there are ways to walk around this issue on the open source version by correctly using the "scoping rules".

Also the promises package provides methods for asynchronous programming that can be used to keep long running events from blocking other users' sessions.

When an app is created using RShiny, opens single R instance for multiple users.
So, any number of concurrent users will have to wait for that one single R instance.
How to overcome this case? any ideas?

Take a look into shinyproxy

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