RShiny application running on RStudio greys out with an error 'WebSocket Connection Failed'

We have a platform running on Azure Kubernetes with Nginx ingress and RStudio hosted on this a workspace. When we run an RShiny application on this, we get gery screen. On inspection the browser console show the error as below;
WebSocket connection to 'wss://' failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: 'Upgrade' header is missing

But, when we check the request, the Upgrade header is actually present.
We are running RStudio version: 3.6.1 and the httpuv library version 1.5.4

Provide any insights on this issue;

Maybe the Nginx you are using as ingress is blocking the Websocket upgrade? If you run Nginx as a normal proxy you have to enable Websockets explicitly, c.f. RStudio Workbench Administration Guide - 30  Running with a Proxy

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