RShiny app connection to Cloudera ODBC Database with Kerberos Auth


I have a Shiny app which runs locally and is getting data from a Cloudera database through ODBC connection and Kerberos Auth.
This is the code is use to connect to database:

con <- dbConnect(odbc::odbc(),
                   driver = "Cloudera ODBC Driver for Impala",
                   database = "default",
                   host = "example@example",
                   port = 21050,

I get connected to the database with my user profile from Active Directory (Kerberos ticket created and send automatically). However, with that user profile I dont have access to all tables of the database and I want to ask if there is a way to "select" the user profil which will make the connection to database.

For example, lets say that from AD automatically is used for the connection and Kerberos authentication, username1 but I want to make the connection to database with username2, even if username1 is the current profile on AD.

THank you in advance.

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