RShiny - Apache Crash

Our R Shiny apps stopped displaying correctly (we have the free version of Shiny Server). After doing some digging, we also found that our webserver would crash every time we opened R Shiny. The Apache logs only show this:

[core:notice] [pid 14401:tid 140650518312768] AH00094: Command line: '/ranalytics/apache/bin/httpd'
[mpm_event:notice] [pid 14401:tid 140650518312768] AH00491: caught SIGTERM, shutting down

the pid 1440 is the We have no idea why this is happening. I bring apache back up and as soon as I open an RShiny app, Apache crashes.

Shiny log:

Listening on http://
Error: C stack usage  440230078736 is too close to the limit

 *** caught segfault ***
address 0x71000013, cause 'memory not mapped'
Warning: stack imbalance in 'lazyLoadDBfetch', 23 then 33

Warning: stack imbalance in '{', 18 then 29
Warning: stack imbalance in '{', 12 then 23
 1: sys.calls()
 2: h(simpleError(msg, call))
 3: .handleSimpleError(function (e) {    if (is.null(attr(e, "stack.trace", exact = TRUE))) {        calls <- sys.calls()        parents <- sys.parents()        attr(calls, "parents") <- parentsExecution halted
        attr(e, "stack.trace") <- calls    }    if (deepStacksEnabled()) {        if (is.null(attr(e, "deep.stack.trace", exact = TRUE)) &&             !is.null(.globals$deepStack)) {            attr(e, "deep.stack.trace") <- .globals$deepStack        }    }    stop(e)}, "not a BUILTIN function", quote(run_now(timeoutMs/1000, all = FALSE)))
 4: run_now(timeoutMs/1000, all = FALSE)
 5: service(timeout)
 6: serviceApp()
 7: ..stacktracefloor..(serviceApp())
An irrecoverable exception occurred. R is aborting now ...
-bash: line 1: 14092 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) R --no-save --slave -f \/opt\/shiny-server\/R\/SockJSAdapter\.R

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