RSConnect, Plumber and User-Agent - "An exception occurred."

We have built some lovely APIs using plumber and deployed on Connect. Internally all work great, however one third party is having issues and we suspect its due to them not supplying User-Agent in their headers.

Does anyone know if User-Agent is a mandatory required header for calls?


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As plumber is concerned, user-agent header does not matter. I do not know for Connect.

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Could you be more specific about what "having issues" means?

For both local and 3rd party calls to the Connect API, we get "An exception occurred." when User-Agent removed.

Do you use the headers within your api?

Yes, we collate all the headers in entrypoint for logging purposes.

Try your API without this logging piece of code to see if it might be your culprit maybe?


gonna do that now, thanks! didnt even think of this!

We have hard coded the user agent in our logs where not present in the request , which has indeed solved the problem! thanks so much for your help.

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