Rsconnect folder created when using rsconnect::deployApp


I have been using deployApp to deploy a range of things such as shiny apps and most currently a pkdown website and each time I deploy to an app that I have created, a rsconnect folder pops up which causes issues with following deployments to other app ID's and building sites altogether with pkgdown.

I have seen other posts saying to set it up as a .gitignore and what my team currently do is delete it when it pops up.

My question, is there a way to stop this folder being created altogether? The code I am using is a version of this:

  rsconnect::deployApp(appDir = "docs/",
                       appPrimaryDoc = "index.html",
                       server = 'server_here',
                       appId = 'app_id_here,
                       forceUpdate = TRUE)

Please let me know if you need any further information.



I've recently run in to a similar issue, I believe what you want to do is to set the recordDir parameter in deployApp. This tells the deployment where to save the rsconnect record, which you can point to a folder located elsewhere (maybe your package top level, where you can add to the gitignore/Rbuildignore).

Hope this helps