RSConnect External Package

Hello, I have been trying to use an external package on RStudio Connect. I am waiting to have Package Manager installed so in the near future I won't need to use this approach usually (although I understand I might still need to with some rare R packages). But currently I wish to include a package I have developed as an import to a shiny app I am trying to launch onto Connect.

The package I wish to include has been installed across all versions of R on the server. The parameters on Connect have also been configured as in the example at the admin manual linked below:

But when I push the application I have developed to RStudio Connect (by pressing the blue button from App.R in the application directory within RStudio) the upload fails and I receive the following error:

Unable to fully restore the R packages associated with this deployment.
Please review the preceding messages to determine which package encountered installation difficulty and the cause of the failure.
Error code: r-package-not-available

Are there any steps that we're missing? Do we have to configure the external package in any way? Or do we have to do anything with packrat in the application package before pushing to Connect?

Apologies for the delay getting back to you on this!!

Did you restart RStudio Connect since you changed its configuration file? Is it possible to share more context for the error message? I.e. have you confirmed that the package missing here is indeed the external package in question?