I have the following deployment code:

setAccountInfo(name='richardrogers',   token='***',   secret='***')

  account = 'richardrogers', 
  appDir = CCTestAppDir,
  appFiles = c(
  appName = "CCTest1"

Everything appears to run properly:

-- Preparing for deployment ------------------------------------------------------------------
v Re-deploying "CCTest1" using "server: / username: richardrogers"
i Looking up application with id "12191407"...
Failed to find existing application on server; it's probably been deleted.
What do you want to do?
1: Give up and try again later
2: Delete existing deployment & create a new app
Selection: 2
v Created application with id 12191431
i Bundling 3 files: App.R, ../config.yml, and ../RRUtils.R
i Capturing R dependencies with renv
v Found 88 dependencies
v Created 50,942b bundle
i Uploading bundle...
v Uploaded bundle with id 8750642
-- Deploying to server -----------------------------------------------------------------------
Waiting for task: 1427429768
building: Building image: 10644951
building: Fetching packages
building: Installing packages
building: Installing files
building: Pushing image: 10644951
deploying: Starting instances
rollforward: Activating new instances
unstaging: Stopping old instances
-- Deployment complete -----------------------------------------------------------------------
v Successfully deployed to

How can I see the three files uploaded, either through a call to an rsconnect function or on the website?
Can I use an FTP client to view the files? If so, what is the FTP URL?

App.R calls file.exists("config.yml") and it returns FALSE.

Am I missing something?

I would truly appreciate some help here.

Thank you,

Richard Rogers