RSConnect API usage endpoint returns NULL user_guid

using this endpoint __api__/v1/instrumentation/shiny/usage?limit=25
RSConnect version 1.8.4
The results contain the following elements:

  • content_guid
  • user_guid
  • started
  • ended
  • data_version

Many of the user_guid are NULL with a value Pairlist of length 0.
How should I interpret the NULLS? I've consulted the API reference, but I couldn't find a description for this field, just a reference to the standard.

Hello! Thanks so much for reaching out! I think you're right - we definitely need to make this clearer in the spec and in the documentation here:

I will share this information with our team and we will work to improve that documentation!

In the meantime, although there may be other meanings I am forgetting off of the top of my head, a NULL in the user_guid usually means that the access to the content was "unauthenticated" / "anonymous." (I.e. if the content allows access by "Anyone - no login required" and the person who viewed the content did not have a RStudio Connect login session active when they viewed the content).

One other tidbit - there is a package called connectapi that might help with some of this work if you are using R! Specifically, there are functions get_usage_static() and get_usage_shiny() that automate paging, etc.


That's what I needed.

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