rsample Install Error

Hi, when I try to install rsample on PositConnect or locally, I get the following error:

Error in vec_order():
! ... must be empty.
:heavy_multiplication_x: Problematic argument:
• ..1 = "asc"
:information_source: Did you forget to name an argument?

  1. ├─base::suppressWarnings(...)
  2. │ └─base::withCallingHandlers(...)
  3. ├─base::serialize(...)
  4. ├─base::as.list(base::getNamespace("rsample"), all.names = TRUE)
  5. ├─base::as.list.environment(base::getNamespace("rsample"), all.names = TRUE)
  6. ├─withr::with_seed(...)
  7. │ └─withr::with_preserve_seed(...)
  8. └─rsample::sliding_index(test_data(), index)
  9. └─slider::slide_index(...)
  10. └─slider:::slide_index_impl(...)
  11.   └─slider:::slide_index_common(...)
  12.     └─slider:::slide_index_info(...)
  13.       └─slider:::check_index_must_be_ascending(i, i_arg)
  14.         └─slider:::compute_non_ascending_locations(i)
  15.           └─vctrs::vec_order(x, "asc")
  16.             └─rlang::check_dots_empty0(...)
  17.               └─rlang::check_dots_empty(call = call)
  18.                 └─rlang:::action_dots(...)
  19.                   ├─base (local) try_dots(...)
  20.                   └─rlang (local) action(...)

Execution halted

Does anyone know what to do to fix this?


try updating your packages.


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