Rpres math rendering problem

I am having a problem with Rpres rendering math equations. Here is a sample of the problem:
built into a simple 1 slide Rpres presentation

Start with a sample, i.e. history, of returns \{\rho_i\}
and calculate \bar{\rho} and \bar{(\frac{1}{\rho})}\equiv\bar{\ell}.

\begin{align} x&=x+1 \\ y_2&=x+2 \end{align}

For maximal gain:

f= \begin{cases} 0 & : \bar{\rho} < 1 \\ 0<f<1 & : \bar{\rho} > 1 \text{ and } \bar{\ell} > 1 \\ 1 & : \bar{\rho} > 1 \text{ and } \bar{\ell} < 1 \end{cases}

None of equations render in the preview window, however, the generated html looks like this:

So, all the S ... $ equations render but the $$ f=\begin{cases} ... $$ does not render the equation.

In Rmarkdown presentations this is all works fine.

User error? Is there a way to get this working?

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