Roxygen2 does not work with R 3.5.0

It will work as always with R 3.4.4. Thought you would like to know.

Also with 3.5.0 Rstudio opens 8 processes. Strange. I removed 3.5.0 and this stopped.

What issue are you having with roxygen2 with R 3.5? I don't see others have similar issues.

Any way you could provide a reproducible example (reprex) of your issue as a starting point?

I removed R 3.5.0 and I am not about to re-install it. The problem may not be with roxygen2 for all I know but instead with software roxygen2 relies on.

platform: Windows 10
RStudio: Version 1.1.453
Task attempted: Build source for package.
Updated: roxygen2 and all subpackages for roxygen2 and RStudio before attempting build.
Error message created: involved roxygen2 not being able to find files in "data" that clearly exist. Program stopped with first file in "data".
Weird Effect: RStudio spawned 8 copies of itself.
Solution: Removed R 3.5.0 reinstalled R 3.4.4. Result roxygen2 and package source build worked as usual.

This is what happened. Might be a Windows 10 specific problem.