Rownames column disappear from data.frame when I try to knitr it

So, as mentioned in the title I have a dataframe from which I can see the rowname column, which was added by default, on the left side of the data.frame.
Problem is, when I try to knitr it with knitr::kable, that rowname columns is gone.

How can I avoid that? I need that rowname column to be visible.
These are my chunks:

ContingenzaE<-table(DATI$`Classi ETA`,DATI$INFO_POL_NAZ)



May I upload an image to show you what I mean? Don't know if it's allowed, so I'll remove it if I can't.

Nevermind I got this. If anyone else has the same problem, the solution is as dumb as you can imagine: in kable, put the parameter "row.names=TRUE"

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