'row.names' with missing values are not allowed-> Biblioshiny

Hi everybody,

I've been having problems since yesterday and I need that you help me. I'm trying to merge 2 files from 2 different databases: scopus and web of science. Yesterday early I could merge and analyze several files, but at night it was a nightmare, it seems to be that biblioshiny function is having some issue, it's not possible, I checked the excel file and everything is ok, I removed empty spaces, NA data, etc. Even with it, the message error in biblioshiy platform continues appearing. What can I do?

This is my script:

setwd("D:/Maggie/Desktop/Produção Acadêmica/Publicações/

scopport<-convert2df("scopport.bib", dbsource="scopus", format="bibtex")
wosopport<-convert2df("wosopport.bib", dbsource="wos", format="bibtex")

merg<-mergeDbSources(scopport,wosopport,remove.duplicated = TRUE)

write.table(merg,"D:/Maggie/Desktop/Produção Acadêmica/Publicações/
junto.csv", sep=";", row.names=FALSE)



#The problem is when I try to upload the file called: junto.csv (I convert it to excel in order to biblioshiny could read it)

See attachment, please.

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