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I need to round my time stamps to the nearest hour. I read "Round, floor and ceiling methods for date-time objects" in Lubridate, but unfortunately a previous colleague has separated the dates from the time stamps. I have tried case_when() and mutate_at() but the rounded times do not show in the new mutated column.

I need times under the half-hour to round back to the last hour, and times past the half-hour to round to the next hour. And then there are the time stamps exactly at the hour that will stay the same.

I would love to learn how apply() or map() could help me - or what ever the correct function would be. Apologies for not supplying a reprex but I am on a secure server and can not copy.

Thanks for your help.

The current state of your time data is ambiguous... can you povide a reprex of your data so we can understand it ?

Please have a look at this guide, to see how to create one:

Are the time stamps character strings?

Hi technocrat, No, the times are numerical (formatted as hms as I had called lubridate). ie. 07:00:00

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Yes, I realise that the reprex is valuable. I have logged off the secure platform but will make one when I log on again.

Hi, I have pasted the date and time columns back together and resolved the issue.

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