Root solve for non linear system

...Hi all,

Will someone please help, as I'm beginner to modelling and struggling to understand the concept of jacobian in solving system of non-linear equations with n unknowns.

so I'm looking for help how jacobian helps in finding the roots of the system? I checked online but could not grab the concept. any help in this matter.??
secondly, please suggest some good functions/package to solve non linear systems with minimum error.

It's not something I can sum up easily.
I would think of the Jacobian as the multidimensional equivalent to the first order derivative.
Numerical methods use iterative search to find solutions and the Jacobian helps determine the direction of the next iteration.
I'd encourage you to reference a textbook or something like Numerical Recipes.
There's no substitute to digging into the material.

When you are ready, check out CRAN task view or just self-formulation and using base R optim.

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