RODBC returns truncated errors

I'm trying to query a Redshift database using the odbc package, however when I get the query, it is truncated. I've asked this in StackOverflow:

If anyone can help, that would be great. I've also tried this tip

When you say the data are truncated, do you mean in RStudio's viewer, or at the console, or both?

Yup the truncation occurs in both the view and the console

That's very odd. Does the truncation persist if you select a single column as vector, e.g. (based on your SO code) data$gender?

Yea it's really odd. It persists inside the dataframe while in the databse the string is complete. I've never encountered this before

Dead weird.

What's the data type in the column (both in the database and in R)?

Up. I'm getting exactly the same error using the latest Amazon Redshift driver on mac. Different string columns get truncated randomly across the data frame. The solution I found is that you should apply the following in the SELECT statement for each column individually:


but that's very inefficient if you have a lot of columns to download. Has anyone came across a solution to this problem?

I also tried to follow the solutions here:


but none of them worked for the Redshift driver. I also added explicitly these parameters in the odbc.ini file (, but none of them worked either. Looking forward to more ideas how to solve this one!

I eventually managed to find a solution: RPostgres::Postgres(), works really well and it should replace the odbc part when specifying the connection with DBI. No additional setup with this package is required.

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