Robust three-way mixed ANOVA using WRS2 or equivalent in R?


is there any way to conduct a robust three-way mixed ANOVA with two within-factors and one between-factor using the WRS2 package in R or any similar package? So far, I've only found instructions for robust two-way mixed ANOVAs.

My data obtains the following structure:

group (two groups)
hand used (left or right)
height of reward (high reward and low reward trials)

All participants performed a tapping task with the left or the right hand in high and low reward trials in which the participants received rewards depending on their performance. My data is very heteroscedastic, so that I would like to find a more robust method. I need to get the three main effects group, hand and reward, as well as the two-way interactions and three-time interaction.

I would be happy about any recommendation.

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