Rnotebook slow on work computer

Hi all,

I've been trying to figure this out for weeks since getting a new laptop at my new company. Rnotebooks chunk execution run EXTREMELY slow on pretty much any type of code I use. In comparison to using Rnotebook on my personal pc, its about 10x times slower on average in execution. Even running a simple creation of tibbles shows a very real slowdown that makes working in Rnotebook's frustrating.

Here is the kicker: If I download an older version of Rstudio (1.1.463) I am not having the issue. Also, on my personal pc I am not having this issue with the newer version of Rstudio, so I feel like it also has something to do with my corporate network? I've installed R and Rstudio on the local drive to try and help.

Is this a known issue with a solution? Below is a sample with timing output.

timein <- proc.time()
  x = 1:5000000,
  y = 1,
  z = x*0.5
timeout <- proc.time() - timein

Rstudio rnotebook timing:
user system elapsed
0.16 0.05 2.81
Rstudio 1.1.463 timing:
user system elapsed
0.13 0.00 0.23


Today I noticed when I changed chunk output settings to "show output in the console" as opposed to "inline" the issue goes away as well. Normally I'd say well inline output is just slower, but their is a considerable slow down on this machine from any other machine I use.

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