Rmpi mpi.spawn.Rslaves crash


I am using MS-MPI V10.0.12498.5, R x64 3.6.0 and Rmpi_0.6-9 to do parallel computation. I have two windows PC, each of them is running Windows server 2012 R2. I started Rstudio in both PC using the command:

mpiexec -hosts 2 localhost machine2 "C:\Program Files\RStudio\bin\rstudio.exe". The Rstudio was started correctly on both machines. Then I run the R command "library(Rmpi)" in the master machine. but it hanged in the master machine.

Then I run the same R command in the Rstudio interface on the machine2, then the command library(Rmpi) in the master machine was released. Then in the master machine I run the command " mpi.spawn.Rslaves()". Then the Rstudio in the both machine suddenly crash. Please give me some advice on this situation.

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