Rmd & knitting problem


I'm doing a course assignment and I should do a Rmd file. I have installed knitr and rmarkdown, and they are active (I did the library() command). When I try to open a new R Markdown file, I get the following error message:

Required package versions could not be found:
caTools 1.14 is not available
Check that getOption("repos") refers to CRAN repository that contains the needed package versions.

What should I do? I have R 3.3.3 GUI 1.69 Mavericks build (7328) and R Studio version 1.1.456. I'm using Mac is 10.10.3 OS X Yosemite.

Should I download a newer version of R? I'm a beginner, so hope you don't mind me asking basic questions, but will there be any problems opening the files made with old version of R?

Or is this problem caused by something else?

I appreciate any help!

This would make package installation easier

It depends on which kind of files

What happens if you try to install the missing dependency?


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