RMD knitting issues


I am having issues trying to knit a specific portion of my RND file and was hoping to get some help or advice. This is my error code

processing file: SalinityData.Rmd Quitting from lines 31-38 [unnamed-chunk-1] (SalinityData.Rmd) Error in contrib.url(): ! trying to use CRAN without setting a mirror Backtrace: 1. utils::install.packages("chron") 2. utils::contrib.url(repos, "source") Execution halted

I've seen some code that I can attach to the install packages but I am super novice and don't want to mess anything up. Any advice would be super appreciated. Thank you!

Hi. What is happening in lines 31-38? I assume that you're trying to install chron there. If so, is there a reason you're doing it within the chunk?

Anyway, can you provide a reproducible example?

I learned that I needed to delete the install.packages line then hit knit in order for that error message to go away. Thank you so much!

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