Rmarkdown will not display code outputs in HTML

When I render my rmarkdown file as an html document it only displays the code. The plot i want to include in my document does not display in place of the code. It also won't display any of the outputs for any of my other chunks but the plot is the most frustrating.

However, the sample rmarkdown document plot, when used in my document, does display the plot and not the code as intended.

This is the plot that wont display and the corresponding code which does display.

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HI @Thedohboy23 , remember put the reproducible example of his data. Is way to obtain a good help. Use dput() for make this.

Maybe the problem is the final object ---- e ---

e <- ggplot(crash_by_age, aes(Age, Crashes_Reported, color= Sex)) +

If you want more people to be able to help, please provide a reproducible example by sharing your all Rmd content. Thanks!

FAQ: How to Format R Markdown Source

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