RMarkdown visual editor changes keyboard shortcuts

Hi all, hoping this isn't a bug and someone knows how to fix it. I changed the default keyboard shortcut for "run current line" from Cntrl + Enter to Cntrl + E so it's easier to hit with my left hand and I don't have to take my right hand off my mouse. This worked fine for years when I was using Markdown in the "Source" mode. Now though, in "Visual" mode, RStudio sometimes will not recognize the new shortcut. It will run a line when I hit Cntrl + Enter, but not Cntrl + E like it should; and if I switch the editor back to "Source", the bug goes away and my shortcut works every time. This is also not consistent, as sometimes my shortcut works in Visual mode and sometimes it doesn't, and I can't figure out why.

Currently running RStudio version 2022.0.7.1, Build 554 "Spotted Wakerobin" on Windows 11.

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