RMarkdown version on CRAN for 3.6 Windows Binary

I noticed for R 3.6 is only the binary version for RMarkdown 2.8 instead of the most recent 2.13 available. I noticed that since the most recent version of Rstudio does not work with that version. Since I need to use the old R-version, is there any hope that the latest RMarkdown version will be available or is my R-version simply too old for that?

As a binary, no, but you can compile it from source.

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CRAN is only building windows binaries for 3 versions (devel, current, old release). 3.6 is too old and only source package is available. See CRAN Repository Policy

Binary packages are built for the current version of R: they may also be built for the last version in the previous series (e.g. R 3.1.3 when R 3.2.x is current) or for R-devel.

As mentioned above by @andresrcs , you can still install the source package using install_package() either by clicking on the box that should ask for installing source, or setting type = "source". Beware that you need some more tools on Windows to compile some packages from source - you need Rtools
See https://rstats.wtf/set-up-an-r-dev-environment.html#windows-system-prep

Other package like remotes or pak can help to install packages efficiently (GitHub - r-lib/pak: A fresh approach to package installation)

Hope this helps

Thank you very much for the information. I try to make the best out of it ;).

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