Rmarkdown start issue

Hello kind people,

I am not sure what is happening with rmarkdown.

I am trying to use it for the first time, and I am getting an error message.
I am following the installation process outlined here.

I have installed tinytex too, as recommended.
The error message is as follows:

Even after going through the installation, package update, and restarting the session as well as my laptop, I have not been able to start markdown.

I would appreciate any help/suggestion you have.


If you choose to install from source, and it fails, try again and choose N.

I tried the steps you mentioned but to no avail.

I still have the same issue.

Could you repost this with the title

Unable to install rmarkdown under Windows due to failure to install tinytex

I'm sorry I can't help further since I haven't used Windows for dev work since the Clinton Administration.

Thanks, @technocrat .
I reposted it as you've suggested.

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There is a conflict between version number.

Which version of R are you using ?

possible workaround:
Can you open a R Console outside of RStudio and install xfun package in its latest version ?


Sometimes it is easier to do that outside of RStudio because package can be loaded. Insure you have only one RStudio IDE windows open with no project opened.

You may be intested in pak also.

Sometime it helps on Windows.

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