rmarkdown(slidy) not creating slides

I used the code from a previously working rmarkdown program.
I updated my r and r studio to 3.6.1. when i try rendering it, i get the title slide but the rest stays as on html page. I have to scroll down.

after loading and restarting r studio, i updated all packages - rmarkdown, knitr, yaml.

title: "lecture_05_ Stats, Functions Graphing"
author: "xxxxxx"
date: "August 5, 2019"
output: slidy_presentation

##Quick Notes About Stats in R...

  • We have seen an introduction into stats with R, which is a necessary step in the analytical process.

  • Lets us review some packages within R to produce various statistical tasks.

  • We saw that the data structure and data types can determine the model constructed. Once the data is understood better, it can be used to generate some stats.

  • Make sure to import that data and grab a basic understanding before modeling:

data = iris

##Basic Package & Functions to Generate Various Statistical Calculations

  • For a vast list of useful stats functions use the **stats-package:

_ this should give 3 slides. i only get 2!

Ok, I think I solved it. The new versions require a space after ## newslide

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