Rmarkdown: Seeking easy way to view results of running selection either inline or in console

When conducting analysis interactively in an Rmd document I often find that I want to quickly see output from running a selection (not necessarily the entire chunk or even a full line). For example, I may want to see the result of running the first few of a set of chained commands.

So I highlight the portion I am interested in and execute it.

If I have the "Chunk Output in Console" option (or yaml setting) set, the results will show in the console, which is convenient. But then before running the chunk for real, I need to change it to output Inline. And, if it wasn't set to console and I want to see it in console, I have to change from inline to console, being sure not to let it remove output of anything previously run before changing to console. This is less convenient than I would like.

If instead I have "Chunk Output Inline" checked, the output will be below the chunk. But if it's a long chunk, I have to scroll way down to see it, possibly losing my place. And it may not all show, in which case I have to click the popout icon. Again, not as convenient as I would like.

As I result, I find myself frequently switching between "Chunk Output in Console" and "Chunk Output Inline" inline, which also involves more mouse clicks than I would like.

I would love any of the following options, which would make this more convenient:

  • Allow chunk output to go to both the console and inline
  • Create a built-in keyboard shortcut, or allow creation of a keyboard shortcut, to toggle between console and inline (without requiring answering the question of whether to keep output - allow default of keep)
  • Create a toolbar icon that allows popout of chunk output from wherever in the chunk I am so that I can see results without having to scroll down and then scroll again to get back to where I was.

If there are other existing workarounds I am missing, would love advice. And if not, if it's possible to put one of these on a development list, would be great.

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