RMarkdown page too long

When using RMarkdown, is there a way to have output continue on a new page rather than just "running off the bottom?" I am using beamer output, so "pages" are relatively short--although I suppose this is a general question.

Note that \newpage and the like don't work because it is output from a single R command that produces the output that overflows a page.

A simple example is
results <- lm(INCTOT ~ AGE, data = data)

Consider whether a table that big really belongs in a slide deck.

It does when the purpose is to illustrate what output looks like...

Then turn it into a picture and shrink it.

That makes sense (although it would also be good if RMarkdown were willing to split output across pages.)

Is there an easy way to do this in the RMD file, or would one have to run it separately, capture the text, and save it as a picture? I guess a more general question is whether there is an easy way to have text output rendered into a picture?

While this isn't really an answer to my question, something of a workaround is to make the text smaller by using

do something


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