Rmarkdown or Shiny app password protection - runs code, but can't view code

Hi there,

I'm about to roll out a project for a customer and I would host a R instance (maybe I need to go to RStudio server, not sure since I've never rolled a project out this size and hosted elsewhere). But basically I would like to try and protect my IP or script (possibly someone altering something and messing things up) so that it runs on his hosted machines but I would be the only one managing what goes on and either by locking my script to a certain password or if necessary going to what ever the RStudio Business version I would need to lock people out of RStudio but yet run the dashboards and shiny apps.

All other posts I've seen to my understanding generate passwords and users within the app for what ever purpose.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

There is nothing that can be done?

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