RMarkdown Num Descriptive Stat

hi, i am trying to create a numerical descriptive analysis on RMarkdown. i tried the formulas from cran project and it is not working on my end. i am aware there is a big gap i need to fill in, may i pls be guided to it? thank you!

to clarify, i only need to numerical descriptive stat for WEIGHT. thank you!

You appear to be trying to apply an R function to an Excel file.

First you need to read the Excel file into R and then apply the function. It looks like the functionm descr() is in the * summarytools* package which I do not have installed.

In any case try try something like this:

dat1  <-     read_excel("Babies.xlsx")


or maybe


For general reference you may want to have a look at

thank you for the help, will work on this.

hi i tried the code above and it worked. however i only need the data for the WEIGHT. what code should be used for that? thank you.

also i tried to install "descr" and it was successful. but after entering the code there was error. may i pls be guided to it? thank you.

Hi. already found a way to get the descriptive stat summary. thanks!

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