RMarkdown notebook does not convert equations in the html file

Hi . I'm facing this issue for a while. When equations are written in the notebook they are properly displayed in the preview, but not in the nb.html file created with the rmd. Any idea on how to solve the problem?


Can you share Rmd content so that I can copy paste ?

usually when math is not loaded, it means that the MathJax Library is not found or not loading properly in your browser.

You can look at the browser inspector and console to see if you have any error showing.

Hi, thanks for picking it up. Unfortunately I cannot share the content due to sensitive data (I used the R Server and R connect from the company I work for) . It does not show any indication of problems with the MathJax library.

This is what I have in the header. All the rest is a regular just markdown document

title: "xxx"

  • xxx,
    date: "12/2022"
    code_folding: show
    number_sections: yes
    toc: yes
    toc_depth: 4
    df_print: paged
    theme: cerulean
    toc_float: yes

You don't have any loading issue in the browser regarding MathJaX JS library ?

Can you produce a minimal example without sensitive data that would reproduce the issue ? With information on packages version used and all ? Did you update everything already ?

Yes. all uploaded. Do not bother. It is being very difficult lately to use RStudio Pro. A lot of issues and a lot of masking tapes. Lack of robustness, I must say.

If you think this is an issue with RStudio IDE or Workbench, please to reach out to support especially if you use Pro.

Also, we'll be happy to hear any feedback on our pro product.

I would like to help here, but I need to be able to reproduce.

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