Rmarkdown not able to use

This is what happened when I try to use rmarkdown after I installed the rmarkdown package. I have already updated all the other packages, but it seems that those are in low version as the warning shows.

Have you check getOption("repos") as recommended to see if you have a CRAN configured?
From which CRAN url did you update others packages?

If you have an internet connection toward a CRAN url like cran.rstudio.com, the packages should be found.


[1] TRUE
this is what I got. What should I do next? Should I update those packages manually? Thanks for your help!

Yes, you can update manually or you can use update.packages() to trigger an update of all packages (or provide an oldPkgs vector of the packages you are willing to update)


Thanks for your help. I did use the update.packages(), but that warning massage is still showing up. As it says, rmarkdown 1.6 is required but my current version is still 0.5.1. Not sure where the problem is. It seems that lots of my packages are previous versions even after I updated them.

In RStudio packages pane, when clicking on update, do you see your package ?

did you try again install.packages("rmarkdown") ? it is suppose installin the last version of the package.

It might be worth restarting your R session as well to be sure you didn't have packages attached.

You may try manually deleting these packages and then installing again using install.packages().
For manually deleting these packages on windows 10, go to the folder "C:\Users\username\Documents\R\win-library\3.4" and delete the packages including rmarkdown.