RMarkdown: Not able to knit to pdf even after installing tinytex and LaTex

Hi, I tried knitting my RDM file to PDF, but this is the error that I am repeatedly getting. I have also installed the tinytex and latex packages, yet seem to have no improvement.

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Did you install LaTeX on your system? Installing the tinytex package is not enough. You also need to install the LaTeX distribution. The advantage of tinytex over a full LaTeX distribution is that is smaller, but you still need a LaTeX distribution. See the instructions on the tinytex page:

Yes, I used the install option to install LaTex also.

Well, in that case, something went wrong according to your error message since it still asks you to run the following: tinytex::install_tinytex(). Did you run that command in the console and what was the response?

I am getting this error. It also said that the code stopped execution as latex wasnt found.

None of those are errors (don't ask me why R uses red text for certain activities!). What happens when it is done installing all 10 files?

A pop up box appears saying that luatex.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.

There is currently an error with TexLive that prevent correct installation with TinyTex. the fix is ongoing and your CTAN mirror can now have it. You can also install prebuilt.


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Thanks @cderv . So am I supposed to try it in a few days? From the link provided below, I could not figure out how to install prebuilt. Kindly help on the same

`tinytex:::install_prebuilt()ˋ should work. Note the three colons as this is an advanced not exported function.
See the comment in the discussion.

This is the error that I am getting. Kindly guide.

Sometimes errors and warnings are a little confusing.
In first instance I see only warnings.
And then an error in a warning.

Did you check if if tinytex was installed?
I mean: ignoring these messages?

Yes, I did install tinytex

And it is working now? Then problem solved (for the moment)?

Yes it did! Thank you so much!

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