RMarkdown generating pdf fmtutil-exe system error R version 4.0.0 (2020-04-24)

Hello I am having problems generating a pdf with tinytex. It always prompt an error message


and shows in the console:

output file: test.knit.md

! Running the command ~\AppData\Roaming\TinyTeX\bin\win32\fmtutil-user.exe

! kpathsea: Running mktexfmt pdflatex.fmt

! The command name is ~\AppData\Roaming\TinyTeX\bin\win32\mktexfmt

Fehler: LaTeX failed to compile test.tex. See The R package tinytex - Helper Functions to Manage TinyTeX, and Compile LaTeX Documents - Yihui Xie | 谢益辉 for debugging tips. See test.log for more info.
Ausführung angehalten

I already tried reinstallation from CRAN and prebuild version.

[1] TRUE

My Session Info:

R version 4.0.0 (2020-04-24)
Platform: x86_64-w64-mingw32/x64 (64-bit)
Running under: Windows 10 x64 (build 18363)

Matrix products: default

[1] LC_COLLATE=German_Germany.1252 LC_CTYPE=German_Germany.1252 LC_MONETARY=German_Germany.1252
[4] LC_NUMERIC=C LC_TIME=German_Germany.1252

attached base packages:
[1] stats graphics grDevices utils datasets methods base

loaded via a namespace (and not attached):
[1] compiler_4.0.0 rsconnect_0.8.16 htmltools_0.4.0 tools_4.0.0 yaml_2.2.1 tinytex_0.22
[7] Rcpp_1.0.4.6 rmarkdown_2.1 knitr_1.28 xfun_0.13 digest_0.6.25 rlang_0.4.6
[13] evaluate_0.14

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Hello Espressotoni! Looks like it's not just you. In this topic we are discussing the same issue. Hopefully a solution will be found soon.

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Hi Espressotoni - Yes, we're all experiencing the same issue. My last post, where I compared files from an older, working version, indicates not all files are installing on newer versions of TinyTeX, best I can tell, esp. the luatex.dll. Pls cross-post if you find a solution. Thx

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Solution. Seems TeX Live is not working


The broken TeX Live has been flooding everywhere since yesterday: https://github.com/TeX-Live/installer/pull/13#issuecomment-628356626 Unfortunately there isn't much we can do about it at the moment. If you have an older working installation of TinyTeX, you can use that (or if someone else has a working version, you can copy it over), otherwise we can only wait for a day or two (or use a different LaTeX distribution).


Thanks for the info and your work!

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