RMarkdown citation syntax in bookdown

I'm having some trouble with the citations in my thesis, which is written in unswthesisdown (which is based on thesisdown and, in turn, bookdown).

Here's my paragraph:

Humans, and many other animals, are _homeotherms_: they 'are able to control deep body temperature within narrow limits by adjusting the rate at which heat is produced... or dissipated.' [@monteith_envphysics_2013_ch14, p. 1]. We receive heat either by producing it metabolically or by receiving it from external radiation; we dissipate it via radiation, conduction and convection [p. 2].

The output I'm getting, both in PDF and Gitbook HTML format, is:

The page reference is lost, and the one on its own is, as far as I can tell, not recognised (note the square brackets in the output).

The RMarkdown documentation lists these page references as valid syntax, but the bookdown documentation does not. Is this a problem with bookdown supporting only a subset of the RMarkdown citation syntax, or has one of the modifications between it and unswthesisdown caused something to go wrong? Or is it simply a problem with the citation style I'm using?

EDIT: I think the problem is that prefixes and suffixes appear to be pandoc-citeproc features, and it looks like bookdown doesn't use pandoc-citeproc by default. Does anyone know how to tell bookdown to use it?

EDIT 2: I was wrong: the citation with the suffix is now working fine. I think having a reference with underscores inside a figure caption in the following paragraph was breaking things; moving it to a text reference fixed things. The citation that only has a page reference, though ([p. 2]), still isn't rendering properly.

EDIT 3: I'm realising that I probably wouldn't use [p. 2] on its own anyway—I'd use [-@key, p. 2], since you'd still need the year before the page for subsequent uses of a single sources in most styles. So, uh... is there a delete button? :sweat_smile:

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Do you mean on Discourse? If so, it's the three dots at the bottom of the post/reply, and then you should be able to select the trashcan icon:

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@rensa I would recommend not deleting this post. While you were able to solve your own problem, this thread may help someone else in the future. If anything, maybe put what helped you into a separate reply and mark it as the solution.

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@mara: no trash icon for me!


That said, I might take @tbradley's advice and leave the solution asa separate post :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hmm, not sure why. Maybe that's only for replies… ¯\(°_o)/¯