Rmarkdown and xfun not working

Hi all,
I have scrolled through related issues but cannot resolve mine. I have Installed the latest version of R studio, deleted markdown and xfun in the win-library folder and reinstalled both. Still not working. I can see that they are old versions, but I just installed them again and again and it is always these versions that are installed, not updates visible to me. I appreciate your help.

You have set your package repository to an MRAN snapshot (which is freez to 2020/07/16), ergo, you can't get the latest package versions. Change the package repository so you can update the packages.

Thank you andresrcs. I am new to R Studio and trying to understand. This is how far I came but I do not understand where or how to change the package repository. Your help is much appreciated!

It seems your package repository has been changed on a startup file, check your Rprofile.site and any .Rprofile file you might have in your current working directory or your user HOME folder.

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