RM ANOVA unsure about variables

this is my first post here, so if there is anything unclear or incomprehensible please tell me!

I am also fairly new to R and RStudio.
I have a data set of an experiment we did where I should do an ANOVA. The data set contains repeated measures as we asked participants to rate different snacks at multiple time points. I now want to find out whether their group membership influenced their ratings.

I have already tried out many different YT and other tutorials but now I am very confused because I am not sure anymore whether I am even assigning my variables correctly anymore. Or whether it is a one-way or two-way ANOVA?
My dependant variable is the Rating because it depends on the Group (membership) and the Group in turn is my independant variable. However, most tutorials I have watched about RM ANOVA use the time points (in my case called Phase) as the independant varaible, but this isn'T what I need?

My table is already in long format, so that isn't a problem. It has the variables ID (1, 2, 3, 4, ....120), Rating (number btwn -100 and 100), Phase (btwn 1 and 4), Snack (different kinds of snacks) and Group membership (0, 1, 2 or 99). I want to know whether Group has a significant effect on Rating and then plot it.
How could I do this?

I would be very grateful for some help! If you need more information, please comment, like I said, this is my first post, so I am not sure whether this is enough.

If you are just interested in testing the Group rating, not on phases or snacks type, you should think of the nesting model design. Your experiment design seems more complex to me than simple Repeated measure ANOVA. Does the grouping of snacks also impact what they are rating?? I am not sure but I will suggest you explore linear mixed models. If your data nested in more levels.

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