RHS of forum website invisible


This is a feedback for this website. If I use the dark theme, the right side of the threads (news, jobs, etc.) are not visible, while they are fine on light theme. I checked this on both Mac and Windows using Vivaldi.



Not sure whether this is the right place to give such feedbacks or not, but wanted to inform the relevant people.



Can confirm. It looks like some custom styling for the main theme is overriding the discourse dark theme, making the links etc. invisible. Thanks for the feedback. I'll pass this on!

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We really appreciate you giving us this feedback.

I've removed the sidebar from the dark theme. It should be replaced by discourse' regular navigation tool.
I queued up for development resolving this issue

It appears the sidebar refers to specific colors, rather than the css styles that change with theme. If that's the case, it should be a quick fix. I'll reactivate it once it's actually visible to dark-theme users.

Dark theme also doesn't play well with our custom banners and top logo. So I added that to the development list as well.

Also TIL, 150 users have selected dark theme.


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