"rhr" package to estimate LoCoH

Hi, I am a new R user. I would like to install rhr package needed to estimated LoCoH. Please, can someone help me to go through it? I have R 3.6.0 version installed.

Many thanks.

Try with

install.packages("rhr", repos=c("http://R-Forge.R-project.org", "http://cran.rstudio.com/"))

If that doesn't work you can also try with this other repository

install.packages("rhr", repos=c("", "http://cran.rstudio.com/"))

According to the package author one should currently use amt or install from GitHub with remotes::install_github("jmsigner/rhr").

Problem solved when installing R 3.5.1 64bit. After it, I typed:

avail <- installed.packages()[, 1]
neeeded <- c("grid", "maptools", "raster", "adehabitatHR", "adehabitatLT", "ggplot2", "graphics", "gridExtra", "KernSmooth", "lubridate", "mixtools", "mvtnorm", "rgdal", "rgeos", "reshape2", "sp", "spacetime", "stringr", "trajectories", "zoo", "shiny", "knitr", "markdown", "testthat", "shinyBS", "brew", "xtable")
install <- needed[!needed %in% avail]
if (length(install) > 0) { install.packages(install) }

Then, I have installed rhr package. Once unpacked I typed


And the interface opens automatically in your internet browser.

Many thanks for your responses.

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