Retrieving my customized RStudio after opening a new version

I was looking at a new text for R and clicked on one of the exercises at the end of one of the chapters. Unfortunately, the link automatically opened up R studio on my computer and now I don’t know how to get back to “my” version of R studio. I closed down the version that opened automatically but when I open R studio it just gives me the very generic version. Is there any way to get back to what I had before I opened up the generic version?

Hi @ATUguy! Welcome!

A few questions to help narrow down your problem:

  1. How are you opening RStudio? Can you list the exact steps? The more specific, the better!)

  2. When you say you now get "the generic version", do you mean that files you previously had open are not open anymore? Or are there other changes, such as a different theme?

  3. Is the textbook you were reading online somewhere? Can you provide a link to the page where you clicked the exercise link?

Finally, it might be helpful to include some more information on your system setup. What platform are you working on (Mac, Windows, Linux)? Do you know what version of RStudio you are using?

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