Retrieve the column names of datasets

Hi all,

I am trying to extract the column names of 20 datasets in my directory. Not sure what wrong i am doing here. Can anyone help me

## list the excel file
list_of_excel_files <- list.files(pattern = ".xlsx")

## read all excel file in a single command
for (i in 1:length(list_of_excel_files)) {
  # print(list_of_excel_files[1])
  filenames <- list_of_excel_files[i]
  filenames_data <- read_excel(filenames, skip = 1)
  assign(x = filenames, value = filenames_data)

## read column names for the above datasets
for (i in 1:length(ls(pattern = "xlsx"))) {
  col_names <- ls(pattern = "xlsx")[i]
  display_colnames <- colnames(col_names)
  assign(x = paste0(col_names,"_colnames"), value = display_colnames)

Try this:

list_of_excel_files <- list.files(pattern = ".xlsx")

get_cols <- function(file) {
  x <- readxl::read_excel(file)
  cols <- colnames(x)

purrr::map(list_of_excel_files, get_cols)

# If you wanted a named list
purrr::map(list_of_excel_files, get_cols) %>% 

The map() function in the purrr package replaces the for loops for cleaner code. I set up a function, get_cols() which works for a single data set, and then I use map() to iterate over the list of excel files and apply it to each data set.



But can you please let me know what was wrong in my code. It would be helpful

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