reticulate::install_miniconda(force = TRUE) fails with exit code = 2 on windows 11

the installation of reticulate::install_miniconda(force = TRUE) failed
I stepped inside the function and followed it to


where it then fails at

  if (is_windows()) {
    installer <- normalizePath(installer)
    status <- system2(installer, args)

Which can be recreated as:

installer  <- "C:\\Users\\XXXX\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\Rtmpy08W9m\\Miniconda3-latest-Windows-x86_64.exe"
args <- c("/InstallationType=JustMe","/AddToPath=0","/RegisterPython=0","/NoRegistry=1","/S","/D=C:\\Users\\LAUREN~1\\AppData\\Local\\R-MINI~1")

# I added stdout = TRUE to show the actual error message and generated output
test <- system2(installer, args, stdout = TRUE)
Warning message:
In system2(installer, args, stdout = TRUE) :
  running command '"C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Local\Temp\Rtmpy08W9m\Miniconda3-latest-Windows-x86_64.exe" /InstallationType=JustMe /AddToPath=0 /RegisterPython=0 /NoRegistry=1 /S /D=C:\Users\XXXX~1\AppData\Local\R-MINI~1' 
had status 2

I checked furthermore the arguments for silent installation and they seem to be OK
mini conda silent installation url

So it looks like the error lies at miniconda. I tried looking them up at github. But I could not find a page which dedicated to Miniconda.

If I run the same command from cmd without arguments the non silent installer is shown...
If I run it with system2 from rstudio the terminal says it is running (shows stop sign on top right)

Any ideas?

Same issue here on Windows 10.

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