reticulate and pipenv

Has anyone been successful using pipenv within RStudio? It is supposed to work per Support for pipenv? · Issue #1006 · rstudio/reticulate ( However, it does not for me.

The pipfile in the project directory exists in the home directory. When I run reticulate::py_config() reticulate opens another conda environment. The pipfile is ignored.

I have nothing in my Rprofile files - the default and project level files are empty. I have cleared all environment variables from my Windows 11 machine related to Python or RETICULATED_PYTHON.

As I begin to work more heavily with Python in RStudio, pipenv is a better solution than spawning many conda envs. I can use VS Code to perform this work successfully. However, I much prefer to stick with RStudio if at all possible. This

Hopefully someone has figured this out. Even more hopeful is formal support for pipenv within reticulate.

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