Retaining variables over rows unless rules of break apply

I need help with keeping a variable over rows unless break rules apply.

Here is the dataset I have. Variables ID, qty.

ID qty
A 1
A 3
B 4
B 2
B 3

I need to retain qty over rows. 2 rules for breaking the logic would apply:

  1. A new ID
  2. Where retained_qty is greater than qty and assign the original qty to continue being retained

ID qty retained_qty
A 1 1
A 3 1
B 4 4
B 2 2 (Since 4 is greater than 2 so need to continue with 2)
C 3 2

I am new to R, have experience with this algorithm in another language but cannot figure out where to begin with R.

Thank you and any help would be really appreciated.

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