Restoring .RData

I am using Desktop. Rstudio Version 1.2.5042. Rversion 4.02.
I have "always restore .RData on startup" set in both Global Options and Project Options, but The file still does not restore automatically.
Mike Swindells

Hi Mike,

are you opening RStudio using a project (.Rproj)? If you launch RStudio from the standard app icon you are probably launching the .RData stored in the root of your computer instead of the one you are meaning to launch. Could you give more details?

Hi Noel
I open using the Rstudio icon, but this takes me straight into the last Project I was in when I closed down using Quit Session. I have been doing this for some years, and Rstudio always used to reopen loading from .RData into the environment, and I cannot understand what has changed. I have a number of library calls in .Rprofile for most projects, and these run OK when I start Rstudio.

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