Restoring a local package for bookdown workflow (continued)

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Responding to @cderv last comment:

Passing the environment using RENV_PATHS_LOCAL as env seems ok.

However, where you package is available for Github action to install it ? The server in which the action will be running needs to have access to the package. ~/Packages means a folder on the server that will build the book.

If your package is only locally install on your computer, the book won't be able to be built on another environment without this package.

So before trying to help you further, how did you make the package available to GHA ? Thanks!

The package I'm trying to install is only available locally on my computer. So therein lies the crux of my question. How would I be able to do this and is this even possible? Is there a way to pass the contents of RENV_PATHS_LOCAL to the server for installation? Thanks!

I can't think a way of doing this with GitHub Actions, beyond including those packages directly within your project sources in the renv/local folder.

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I suppose it's not possible then as it requires manually copying the package into our own renv/local folder, and cannot be installed from a common network drive path that the team uses collaboratively.

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