restore a masked function

I use dplyr all the time, including the command "select." Recently I had reason to attach the MASS package, and I noted that dplyr:: select had been masked by MASS:: select. I know that I can use dplyr::select simply by prepending the "dplyr::" to the command. But this is a nuisance. I don't need MASS::select (which appears to have to do with ridge regression). I suppose that I could detach dplyr and then reattach it so that it would be higher in the search list. But there may (should?) be a simpler method to avoid masking dplyr:: select in the first place when attaching MASS. I would be grateful for any suggestions. Thanks. Larry Hunsicker

You could be interested by the conflicted package

If you want to avoid conflict in the first place to have dplyr select available, you need to load the dplyr package after the MASS :package:
changing the loading order should be enough.

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